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    Freelance - 2017 - Currently
    • Experience designing, implementing, integrating, testing and supporting impactful applications developed in diverse, collaborative environments for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform using java.
    • Ability to develop unique applications for different handset and user requirements.
    • In-depth knowledge of industry practices and application development protocols.
    • Knowledge of application testing, debugging and troubleshooting.
    • Known for writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code that preserves privacy and security.
    • Ability to work for long hours without losing patience and enthusiasm.
    • Passionate to update my knowledge and skills though continuous self learning.
    • Expert in the interaction between various devices and different versions of android.
    • Supported, maintained and tested mobile applications that supports external clients as well as internal business units or supporting functions.


    • 1. Strong knowledge in JAVA, OOP
    • 2. Familiar with most popular operating systems: Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows and Mac
    • 3. Android Studio, XCode, XML, Photoshop
    • 4. Worked with senior team members to define technical scope of products and their features
    • 5. Mobile Marketing and advertising experience
    • 6. Mobile Commerce
    • 7. Database: SQLITE, MYSQL
    • 8. Mobile Banking and payments
    • 9. Worked with senior team members to define technical scope of products and their features

    Worked on:-

    • 1. Health app
    • 2. Gaming app
    • 3. Hybrid app
    • 4. Insurance based app
    • 5. Documentation and Magazine app
    • 6. Automobile sell purchase app.
    • 7. Bluetooth based app

    Project 1: NOVA CRM


    Developing NOVA CRM Mobile application with a team of 3 developers. Involved in developing following Modules:

    • Developed Module to Dealer. In Dealer module dealer place the orders, track the orders, received the orders, check the history of the orders and maintain wallet.
    • Developed Module to Sales Executive. In Sales Executive module, employee process the order and employee can place the orders behalf of the dealers with dealer otp confirmation.
    • Developed Module to Depot Manager. In Depot Manager module, employee approve or reject or forward the orders for the further approvals, and transfer the orders to other branches in case of no stock.
    • Developed Module to Finance Admin. In Finance Admin module, employee approve or reject the dealer orders, manage dealer payments in dealer wallet.
    • Developed Module to Dispatcher. In Dispatcher module, dispatcher can pack the orders and dispatch the orders by defining transport and share invoice.
    • Software and tools • Java (jdk1.8) • Android SDK 8.0 • Android Studio • Retrofit
    • Play Store Url:

    Project 2: My Leads


    Developing My Leads Mobile application with a team of 3 developers. Involved in developing following Modules:

    • Developed Module to Super Admin. In this module, super admin can manage the employees and check the leads generated by them.
    • Developed Module to User. In this module, can manage the leads, add remainders with the google remainders, do follow up leads through email or message.
    • Software and tools • Java (jdk1.8) • Android SDK 8.0 • Android Studio • Retrofit

    Project 3: TIME BARREL


    Developing TIME BARREL Mobile application with a team of 3 developers. Involved in developing following Modules:

    • Developed Module to register employee finger print once in head office and use it across your authorized multiple sites.
    • Developed Module to Get real time attendance, alerts for late comings or no shows.
    • Software and tools • Java (jdk1.8) • Android SDK 8.0 • Android Studio • Retrofit • SQLite • Biometric SDK

    Project 4: Silver Screen


    Developing Silver Screen Mobile application with a team of 3 developers. Involved in developing following Modules:

    • Developed Module to Portfolio. In My Portfolio, there are categories like Photos and Videos. These two categories should be merged into one single category and should be named as Media. Users who are new and experienced to the industry can only utilize this option of My Portfolio.
    • Developed Module to SHARE POST. In that When user clicks on Share Post which was shared by others, then the user who wants to share should avail an option of editing the text. In case, the option is not given, the same content posted by previous user will be posted.
    • Developed Module to FRIENDS LIST. In that Two options are to be added like Block and Block Permanently. When users click on Block, that particular person from the friends' list will be blocked and no more updates shared by the user will be seen.
    • Software and tools • Java (jdk1.6) • Android SDK 6.0 • Android Studio • Retrofit

    Project 5: SWACHH KATNI


    Developing Swachh Katni Mobile application with a team of 3 developers. Involved in developing following Modules:

    • Developed Module to public grievance management tool which aims to point all the grievances pertaining to municipal solid waste collection and transportation by registering their complaints and check their status of resolution through this mobile app.
    • Developed Modules to display and status of complains. Data will be sorted and compiled against area / locality, and Swachh Katni App will share the data to the waste collection operations team and addresses the issues with a defined SLA of 2 Hrs.
    • Software and tools • Java (jdk1.6) • Android SDK 6.0 • Android Studio • JSON Parsing
    • Play Store Url:

    Project 6: My Prabandha Mobile Application


    Developing School Application Mobile application with a team of 3 developers. Involved in developing following Modules:

    • Developed Module to Parent for search Student information like student Attendance Report, Exam Time Table, EBooks Sharing, Knowledge View, Post and View Complaints, Post and View Suggestions and view Notifications.
    • Developed Modules to faculty for submit Student Attendances, Answer Queries and Submit Homework.
    • Software and tools • Java (jdk1.6) • Android SDK 6.0 • Android Studio • JSON Parsing
    • Play Store Url:



    A relevant experience of 8 years in web Development

    Web App & hybrid and Native android mobile appdevelopment. Worked as Lead Engineer for all Android development. Built the mobile application from the ground up. Developed enterprise level, consumer ready, Hybrid Mobile Apps for Android, IOS, MobileWeb., Web application development and website designing

    Responsibilities I can manage:
    • Participate in discussions with the client to gather project requirements, analyze the project requirements and translate them into functional documents and assist in developing project plans.
    • Participate in mobile development phases like designing, enhancements, bug fixing, and maintaining the application.
    • Creating The Look, Layout & features of website and accordingly building Responsive Designs
    • Building & Designing advance android applications. (Ionic Framework)
    • Conduct various testing for identifying bugs and fixing it for improved application performance
    • Evaluate & discovery and implement of new technologies to maximize the efficiency of development
    • Migrating Clients data to Opencart/ Joomla/ Wordpress /magento Development templates in an efficient way.
    • Testing e-commerce platform performance
    • Study the requirements and develop and customizing templates as per the project requirements in collaborations with the project manager.
    • Conduct user testing and various other tests to ensure that the product is in line with clients and user expectation.
    • Prepare and present various projects reports on the project progress to highlight on project issues to enable future decisions making.
    • 1. Good knowledge in SQLite, Amazon simpleDB & Parse API for cloud storage
    • 2. Working knowledge of Push Notification
    • 3. Working knowledge on InApp purchase
    • 4. Working knowledge on Health Kit Framework
    • 5. Working knowledge on Payment Gateway Integration like Molpay & payU
    • 6. Working knowledge of Google map API and Social Media API integration
    • 7. Working knowledge of Dropbox, Googledrive, Skydrive SDK integration
    • 8. Working knowledge of deploying app in App Store
    • 9. Expertise on calling service and parsing JSON or XML data
    • 10. Involved in Analysis, Design, Coding and Unit testing
    • 11. Strong programming and analytical skills
    • 12. Ability to learn new technologies and concepts by self-study


    Philips India Pvt. Ltd - 2017 - Current

    At present I am working for the firm Philips India Pvt. Ltd. If I count my experience here it adds Objective-C. Swift, cocoa practices and memory cocoa optimization. iOS human Touch, core data, core animation, interface guidelines. I am a reactive exert in debugging, Networking.
    Core Knowledge: Core Data, Core animation, core graphics. Data: SQLite & Realms experience working with web & embedded.
    Technology: When it comes to technology I must say I am perfect at Agile including scrum, kanban, etc, CSS3, HTML%, JSON, JS, XML and waterfall methodology.

    • Refactored ViewGroup using Constraint Layout to position and size widgets in a flexible way.
    • Implemented Recycler View and used ViewHolder design pattern is used to speed up rendering of your ListView - actually to make it work smoothly.
    • Worked in an MVVM architecture throughout the entire Android app.
    • Used Charles Proxy for debugging, to sniff JSON packets and mock responses.
    • Mocked API responses as part of quality and troubleshooting.
    • Created API calls using Retrofit and RxJava for asynchronous communication, parsing JSON objects with GSON and JSON deserializers.
    • Implemented UI design following defined design guidelines.
    • Code refactored as needed for optimization, performance, scalability and reusability.
    • Native conversion.
    • Worked in an Agile Scrum environment, participating in daily stand-ups and weekly sprints.
    • Worked as part of t an Android development team of 4 with one tech lead with whom I worked closely.
    • Worked with Android API 28 to take advantage of the behavior changes of the SDK.
    • Helped troubleshoot server issues by mocking data to replicate issues.
    • The Android development team used Skype and email for team communication.
    • Worked with requirements to understand business needs and implement effectively.
    • Found the foot cause of service call errors in RESTful APIs based on the HTTP protocol wherein the server and the endpoint at the client both return a call status to the client.
    • Worked on interactive UI with asynchronous calls using Retrofit and RxJava.


    Deemtech Software Pvt Ltd - 2014 - 2016

    In the year 2014-2016 i worked for Deemtech Software Pvt. Ltd. Here i achieved knowledge in UI designing, integrated web development related services mainly for fetching data from the server. The integration adds tools like Appboy, Omniture, Facebook tracking, etc.

    • Work collaboratively with clients and technical staff to design and implement custom web-based applications and solutions.
    • Ensure that all applications and websites were responsive and met SEO requirements in regards to search engine ranking, brand positioning, etc.
    • Perform systems and database administration tasks for client web applications (provisioning new websites and databases, securing domain names on behalf of clients, maintaining adequate database indexes, implementing backup procedures, etc.)
    • Implement Google Analytics for client web applications in order to assess effectiveness of advertising and provide detailed reports for clients.
    • Designed, modified, and implemented Android and iOS applications including the Oneonta/Cooperstown Hub application, available in the Google Play and iOS App stores.
    • Modified and implemented additional features for the Cooperstown Trolley and Oneonta Public Transportation tracking applications to display the position of trolleys, busses, etc. in real-time (Raspberry Pi, GPS tracker, etc.)


    Zunaa Software Pvt. Ltd - 2011 - 2014

    From 2011 to 2014 I worked as a fresher at Zunaa Software Pvt. Ltd. There I worked for the multiple tasks. Here I gained knowledge by developing such as: Iphone App development for the product Drawing, Cocoa, techniques on internet connections and SDK, core animation, graphic, social networking and Web services like XML & JSON I was also engaged in tasks related to the requirement analysis ans time estimation for application development. Also involved in logical and physical design of applications. There I got an opportunity to improve myself by implementation of efficient and effective performance in cocoa framework application. There I also carried out meetings, client interactions, discussion on their needs and requirements.

    The project was to create a plugin for apps to use Angel card account. The plugin is also used in other stores like Loft, Venus, NY, Trek and others.

    Rules & Responsibilities

    • Contributed to the design and implementation of Credit Limit Increase feature on Victoria’s Secret App’s Angel Card Account app.
    • Planned and implemented UX updates to all views on Angel Card Account credit card app.
    • Implemented Force App Update feature on Angel Card Account credit card app.
    • Implemented SSO OAuth authentication feature for Angel Card Account credit card app.
    • Worked with dev ops on Jenkins implementation to hockey app builds for QA testing.
    • Introduced Leak Canary to app development process for finding memory leaks.
    • Performed Unit test cases for implemented work on features.
    • Introduced replacement of Otto with Eventbus for inter fragment communication.
    • Contributed to all feature team planning and development for the creation of new features and refactoring of existing features.
    • Participated in the full lifecycle development process from product definition.
    • Participated in a Scrum team and scrum development process for app feature
    • Continuously research, test, and implement new techniques and utilities development.
    • Experience building high volume consuming facing applications at massive scale.
    • Self-motivated and proactive with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities.
    • Mentored Jr Developers in coding and design best practices.
    • Utilized Atlassian Stash version control tool as source control management system.
    • Used RESTful to communicate with web services and replaced Volley library for Retrofit and OkHttp.
    • Considerable experience debugging and profiling Android applications using the DDMS and Android Device Monitor.


    Android, REST, Dependency Injection, Espresso, Git, Java, Jenkins, JIRA, JSON, JUnit, Material Design, Maps, NDK, Retrofit, RxJava, SCRUM, SOAP, SQLite, Android SDK and Bluetooth.



    Programming Languages: PHP, XML, , C, C++, VB .NET, JAVA, SQL, COBOL, JCL, Android, PYTHON,

    Front End Technologies: JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, HTML4, HTML5, CSS3

    Web Servers: Apache 2.4 Tomcat 8

    Server OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat

    Database: SQL Server, MySQLSQLite, Oracle R11, IBM DB2

    Web Services: REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, RESTful APIs, RESTful web service integration, RESTful web services AJAX

    Design / Ux: OOD (Object-Oriented Design), Android Studio

    Frameworks: Java Development Kit (JDK), .NET, ,Android SDK, Cake, Symfony, Doctrine (PHP), Spring, Hibernate (JAVA)

    PM Tools: Basecamp, JIRA, LeakCanary

    Android Skills: Handlers, Loopers, Loaders, Material Design, EventBus, Content Resolvers, Bluetooth Low Energy, RxJava, GPS, GreenDAO, Volley, Multi-Window, Cipher, Services, , Nougat, REST, Glide, Hugo, Frodo, Subversion, Firebase, Schematic, Google Cloud Messaging, MVP, Espresso, Eclipse, Location Services, Android Studio, Urban Airship, Retrofit, Push Notifications, GreenDAO, Spork, NFC, Dagger, Samsung SDK, Certificate Pinning, Agera, Ion, PushBots, Dependency Injection, JobScheduler, Volley, Junit,

    Development Environment/Tools: Notepad++, Text Edit, vi editor, Oracle VBox, putty, WinSCP, Eclipse MARS, Android Studio, IBM z/OS TOS, CICS, IMS_ (IBM), DB2, RACF, SNA., Git, Jenkins, JIRA, GSON, Android Platform, Node.js, Microsoft Azure, NetBeans, UWP

    : PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, Apache, Tomcat, RSS feeds, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)









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