FAQ concerning Development:

1. How will my project be develop by you?

Ans: My development is based on the highest priority that is give to responsiveness, deep analysis, strong intuitive UX/UI. I design dynamic pages as today almost all the websites are made dynamic.

2. How will I know if my project is delivered successfully?

Ans: I take maximum time to deliver any project. Reason is, I leave no place for dissatisfaction, disappointment, I give time & space to the project. With the help of your assistance and my suggestion I make a feature-rich, satisfactory project deal so that I can deliver a successful project.

3. Do you deliver it under given time?

Ans: The moment I take your project I make everything clear regarding the estimated project delivery, so frankly speaking, you will get your project delivered at given estimated period.

4. What is the process of payment of the project?

Ans: Like project i believe in pure transparency in transactions. So the mode of payment is purely online. Once the project is under me, 25% of the payment must be done to start the project, 50% payment on the completion of 80% project and rest 25% is on the day of delivery. Once the 100% payment is done successfully, the project is hand over to you happily.

5. What if I find an unexpected issue related with development?

Ans: I Provide an instant assistance with 100% full-proof solution in case of any sudden or unexpected issue arrives at the time of development.

6. How can I access the project status?

Ans: You can check on your ongoing project, as you will be provided with all the login credentials where you can easily access the project development/status.

7. Can you make some changes after delivering the project if required?

Ans: As I believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with my customers, it is obvious that I will stand with you, and ofcourse I will be comfortable to make changes according to your requirement even after the project delivery.

8. How many working days do you take to deliver my project?

Ans: It is depend upon the type of the project, as I take projects for both SME (Small-Medium Enterprises). I take comfortable time period to deliver a successful project delivery.

9. What are the ways to cancel the project in case of emergency?

Ans: If any emergency arrives during the before the completion of the project and it comes to close the project, then the smooth process is followed. The reason of canceling the project must must be genuine. The status of project will be measured and after clearing all the pending payments, all the credentials and data/information will be given to you.

10. What are the different project statuses means?

Ans: A complete project has to go through different statuses:

a). Analysis & Processing: After we receive authorisation from the payment gateway which is for the first milestone, I re-analyse your project and start the process of your project development.

b). Delivery: This is the second stage of project status where your project is just 20% far from completion. In this stage the development process is done and project is delivered to you on estimated day.

c). Canceled: This stage is the rare stage where because of some reason we need to cancel the project. The cancelation process was done on genuine factor responsible for the situation.


1. What payment mode do you accept?

Ans: The process of payment is both offline and online. As we I deal with both national and international projects, I prefer online payment using PayPal, NEFT, Instamojo and for national payment we accept check, credit/debit card according to the situation.

2. What should I do in case payment fails?

Ans: In this troubling situation we try to opt other option/way to get payment done.

3. Do you accept payment in milestone?

Ans: Yes we do, it depends upon the level of the project.


1. What platform you use for a professional website development?

Ans: I develop professional website development using platforms like PHP 5/7, Wordpress, Magento, Angular.Js, Node.Js, React.Js, Javascript, Jquery, Cakephp, Codeigniter and Laravel.

2. Why you prefer this technology?

Ans: I prefer the best framework or technology which suits your project type, which results a feature rich development by adding latest plugins.

3. What are the benefits of using this technology?

Ans: The benefits adds user-friendly website, feature-rich, which can easily bring traffic, gain high conversion rates, etc.


1. What are the recent project you have worked on?

Ans: MY recent work includes Health APP, Music APP, Music APP, Sports, Tinder clone etc.

2. What is your ongoing project?

Ans: My ongoing projects are Wakylicious, classideal, Seva Chikan, Skyline etc.

3. What is your experience?

Ans: I am having 7-8 years experienced as a Full Stack Developer As I am skilled in PHP 5/7, Wordpress, Magento, Angular.Js, Node.Js, React.Js, Javascript, Jquery, Cake php, Codeigniter and Laravel, JavaServer Pages (JSP), SQL, MongoDB.

4. What is your client's response to your work delivery?

Ans: You can check the testimonial part on my portfolio site to have a better understanding about my work review.


1. What services do you provide other than development?

Ans: Other than wonderful development, I can provide services like, management, CRM, Digital Marketing, etc. To know more please find the link: http://www.cyrusholiday.com/

2. What are your additional skills?

Ans: Here I can say I am perfect at doing fast work. I give my highest priority to lag free interaction and fast load time.

I am an intuitive and being intuitive I can easily manage intuitive UX & UI with strong preferences for easy to use.

I am highly responsive. Cases like the layouts I create will work on any device whether it is big or small. It is accessible to all.

I develop dynamic websites. Today all website have to be static, and I love pages come to my life. I can do testing. Having an years of experience I can manage program, testing/periodic testing (software/website/Programming), and debug all web applications. I can take Initiative. Having worked as a project manager, I can initiate and implement contingency plans in case of system failure.

3. How many firms you have worked before?

Ans: Before my present position I worked with Micro Focus PVT. LTD. as a senior Full-Stack Developer. At Matric Media I work on the same position and now having experience of about 7-8 years I work as a freelancer.

4. Give a gist of your career experience?

Ans: I am a experienced Full Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in PHP 5/7, Wordpress, Magento, Angular.Js, Node.Js, React.Js, Javascript, Jquery, Cake php, Codeigniter and Laravel, JavaServer Pages (JSP), SQL, MongoDB.

I am a Self-motivated web developer with a high level of experience working on multiple projects. Passionate and hardworking with a penchant for meeting deadlines. Interested in a role with a company that promotes best practices and offers a wealth of customer projects.








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